Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Greetings from the M guy

Well, I guess now would be a good time as any to formally introduce myself. With the busy schedule, you'll see a few opinion articles here from me, but mostly I'll be the BTS person typing up... well, let's just call them items for right now (psst... it's a secret!)

My name is Jake, but I'm probably better known as MrMiscellanious, the mean one on's forums, or the annoying one on Wikipedia. Right now, I'm focusing most of my free time on Wikinews, a great free source for freelance journalists, or amateurs looking to learn a few items of the trade. I've been most active in the Audio Wikinews subproject at Wikinews, mostly working with audio scripts.

I have 6 computers, Five desktops and one laptop. Two run Windows XP, one is running Slackware Linux 10, another running OpenBSD and the last is my nice little SPARC running Solaris 9. And of course, my modded Xbox also runs Xebian. I've been quite the fan of technology and electricity since an early age, and the one thing that fascinates me about the future is solar energy (which has already shown a great purpose to be a secondary energy source for low cost), which could in my crazy theories someday fuel us all - independent of coal burning.

But I'll save my ramblings for future items. Right now, the real people that deserve the attention are the posters that have posted before me.
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