Monday, May 23, 2005

New writer on board!

And what a writer it is!

Hey everyone, this is InnerLogic (Because i'm scared that I will get rabid fans that will start calling my home and stalking my house if I give my real name ;-) ). I have done some game reviews and tech articles for websites and local newspapers before. I love to write about "tech" things because it makes me feel really damn smart for a short while. Untill I realise that all of you people who read it see right through the faux-ness of it. Then I get sad and sit in a corner, crying to myself. Then all of you will write back to me to tell me how bad you were and try to make me feel better.

It's a cycle. :-D

But really, I hope I can be of some help to all of you out there. Let me talk a "little" bit more about myself. I am a Linux-Distro Whore, I'm on distrowatch all the time wating for all the new Linux distro's to come out for me to try. I also like trying other OS's as they come out, like Zeta -BeOS (Which I have been a fan of for quite some time) and others. Also, I love playing games, Old and new. Give me a Intellivision over a Xbox anyday.

If you have any questions or comments, send it to

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