Thursday, June 23, 2005

Apple+Intel=Mac & Windows ????

Perhaps the biggest buzz going around in the computer world now is Apples decision to ditch IBM and go with Intel. Intel, the chip of the PC world is now a chip of the Mac world. This transition has brought up many questions such as "Can I run Mac OS X on a PC?" and "Can I run Windows on a Mac?". Many believe that it is possible, some have already made claims that they did it. Pics of a Dell laptop running Mac OS X(video available here) were released on the internet recently as well as a pics of a Mac running Windows. None of these pics can be confirmed yet but it brings to question "Will I see the Mac OS sitting on the shelf with a sticker on it that says now available to PC users and vise versa for Windows?" Only time can tell...
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I think Apple's idea is to keep OSX on Mac hardware by using some kind of chip that the OS has to find during the boot sequence. They will, however, allow Windows to run natively on the hardware. So dual-boot is possible but they are saying that it will only be on the Apple hardware.
Blogger STEVE, at 4:32 PM  
You may be right, but I hope that is not the case... I'm looking forward to dual booting win2k and mac os x on non-apple hardware
Blogger Opus X, at 9:04 PM  

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