Friday, September 30, 2005

$100 Laptop

MIT released a Laptop for $100
The machine's A-C adapter would double as a carrying strap, and a hand crank would power them when there's no electricity. They'd be foldable into more positions than traditional notebook PCs, and carried like slim lunchboxes.
This is mainly a laptop for kids to use for school purposes. But I think, We're all going to have a good use for it.
Among the key specs: A 500-megahertz processor (that was fast in the 1990s but slow by today's standards) by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and flash memory instead of a hard drive with moving parts. To save on software costs, the laptops would run the freely available Linux operating system instead of Windows.

-More new to come soon

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ITU Ready to Assume Control

The International Telecommunications Union says the United Nations is ready to take control of the internet if the United States is ready to hand over the reigns. Yoshio Utsumi, head of ITU says ITU, "could do it if we were asked to" at a news conference on Friday. The chances of the United States handing the U.N. the key to the front door appears to be slim to none with no signs of change. The United States has made it clear that it has no intentions of turning its Internet traffic policing duties over to the United Nations, however that stance could create a roadblock in international web policy in the future. Countries like Iran are saying that the U.S. could use the control of the internet as a political gain, and to shut its enemies out. The U.S. called such talk like that nonsense, saying it wouldn't dream of harming the operation of the Internet for something like that. Beta News

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Zotob Worm Suspect in Court

An 18 year old Science student is in court, for his role in creating and/or distributing the Zotob Worm. The Zotob Worm infected all major companies running Windows 2000; which includes CNN and New York Times. Despite the Zotob worm's power, it did not create such widespread havoc as previous malicious software programs like SQL Slammer and MyDoom.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

TWIT 24 is in the can!

Here's the main feed for the mp3, or you can go to Revision3 and get the video version through bittorrent. Remember that video is the h.264 version only as of right now. Some topics covered are Microsoft's reorganization, updating to Firefox 1.0.7, how Dvorak can help you stop blog spam, and that Digg has added an RSS search to it's search feeds. Enjoy!

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Friday, September 16, 2005

G4 CEO Released

Charles Hirschhorn who was not only the founder but the CEO as well, has been released from his duties. So far that is all that has been released so far but more will come later.
Kevin Rose

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Windows Vista To Have Seven Editions

For some time now many have speculated how Microsoft will release its newest OS Windows Vista. Thanks to some exclusive insider information given to Paul Thurrott of Windows this information is now known. Windows Vista is distributed in not one or two editions, but in seven.

All of the editions are either categorized into two main categories; Home and Business (excluding the Ultimate Edition which is a combination of both). The home editions consist of: Windows Vista Starter Edition, Windows Vista Basic Edition and Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. The business editions consist of: Windows Vista Professional Edition, Windows Vista Small Business Edition and Windows Vista Enterprise Edition. There will also be an ultimate edition on Windows Vista that is a combination of both the home and the business editions. This is called nothing else but Windows Vista Ultimate Edition.

Product Overview

(ll Product Overview information is provided by Paul Thurrott of

Windows Vista Starter Edition:
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Friday, September 09, 2005

Firefox Beta 1.5 out/Security Flaw with FF

The new beta of Firefox is out. Go and get it! But beware, a major security flaw is now being seen as a security threat in all versions of Firefox. The problem has do with the way Firefox deals with IDN's or International Domain Names. IDN's are domain names that use local language characters. Although there is no known attack yet the exploit could be very devasting to those who haven't downloaded the patch. Director of Engineering at Mozilla, Mike Schroepfer said, "Luckily we do not have any known use of this exploit, but it is fairly critical if there were to be (an attack), so this is a recommended download"

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Monday, September 05, 2005

Mac mini promotion already dead

A few days ago Apple announced a 30-day, money-back gurantee on the Mac mini and other apple products. But of course as soon as that deal rippled the water it got smashed with a rock. The deal didn't even last 24 hours. Any of Ars Technica's calls to Apple were not returned but one Apple employee said the deal was "pulled" and would not comment further. Ars Technica

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Kazaa gets slapped in Australia

The Federal Court in Australia has ruled that Sharman Networks has essentially authorized its users to violate copyright, so they must now modify it to prevent that. So now the recording industry is doing their little victory breakdance. "This is a milestone in the fight against internet piracy worldwide," said John Kennedy, chairman of the International Federation of Phonographic INdustries. Sharman Networks is also being ordered to pay 90% of the legal bill of the plaintiffs. Ars Technica

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Security Now #3

Here's the direct download link. This week Steve and Leo talk about the benefits of using a NAT router. Steve also recommends using some software firewalls as well. Enjoy!

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

As many of you know Hurricane Katrina has taken the lives of many and has made many others homeless. People are trapped in New Orleans and they are litterally dying in the streets. On behalf of the Techspec I would like to offer our thoughs and prayers to the families and ask that you all donate to the red cross.
Huricane Katrina Relief fund
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