Friday, September 30, 2005

$100 Laptop

MIT released a Laptop for $100
The machine's A-C adapter would double as a carrying strap, and a hand crank would power them when there's no electricity. They'd be foldable into more positions than traditional notebook PCs, and carried like slim lunchboxes.
This is mainly a laptop for kids to use for school purposes. But I think, We're all going to have a good use for it.
Among the key specs: A 500-megahertz processor (that was fast in the 1990s but slow by today's standards) by Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and flash memory instead of a hard drive with moving parts. To save on software costs, the laptops would run the freely available Linux operating system instead of Windows.

-More new to come soon

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I can only hope!
Blogger, at 6:56 PM  
What's strike me in this announcement is that seems to be the first laptop that will have flash memory instead of disk drives.

In a recent post on my blog ( I was talking about the possibility to have soon a new generation of laptops with large flash memories instead of disks but I was not expected it in a very low end machine such as this MIT project!
Blogger Yannick Bollati, at 1:11 PM  

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