Monday, August 01, 2005

Microsoft, a dying age?

Those of you listened to any of Leo Laporte's various podcasts you'll have heard of Leo saying that Microsoft is a dying age. I agree wholeheartedly. I think Windows Vista is just the latest mistake that Microsoft is making while going down in a blaze of shame. All the great things that were supposed to be in Vista have been stripped and now Windows Vista seems to me like nothing but a new distribution of Windows that is full of nothing. Of course Vista wasn't Microsoft's only mistake. Inlude Window's Mellenium Edition. I have that currently installed on my crappy HP Pavilion 6830. I hate it so much. Thank god the opposition has come out with open source alternatives like Linux and their distro's, along with Apple with OS X. Another of Microsoft's big mistakes, Internet Explorer. This thing is so riddled full of security holes you could throw a flare in it and see all the way to China. Here's the solution to Internet Explorer, obviously one of them definately is Firefox, another is Opera. Both of these are fine alternatives to the joke of a web browser Internet Explorer. So here's what I say, if your a tech geek, make the switch to Linux. If your just your run of the mill average joe, then go with an Apple product and use OS X. Only gamers should really stick to Windows. Considering almost all pc games are formatted for only Windows use. So be a rebel and dump Microsoft quickly!


P.S. The guy on the Opera home page is wearing a power ranger's suit.

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